Global Data Privacy Compliance


International data privacy compliance has become a major concern for every company carrying out intended or unintended international transfers of personal data. Many nations, including the member states of the European Union, prohibit international transfers of personal data to and from jurisdictions such as the United States that are not deemed to provide adequate Data Privacy for individuals. Our Firm advises clients on issues of international Data Privacy compliance. Our lawyers harmonize the cross-border personal data transfer requirements of multiple jurisdictions to provide solutions permitting the free flow of such data to the maximum extent permitted under the laws of the applicable jurisdictions.

We provide international privacy compliance strategies based upon predictable standards to avoid the risks associated with prohibited transfers of personal data and to:

  • - Maximize the continued, unimpeded flow of vital business data;
  • - Minimize uncertainty as to the applicable standards and requirements for personal data transfers; and
  • - Minimize transactional costs.