International Sale & Distribution of Goods / Services


In many foreign jurisdictions, agreements with sales representatives and resellers of products can result in unanticipated obligations and difficulties in enforcing terms. Agreements for the provision of services may give rise to these and other issues related to doing business in the jurisdiction where services are rendered. The unanticipated incorporation of burdensome additional terms into the parties' agreements, notwithstanding the choice of law of the parties as well as the inability to terminate or enforce the terms of such agreements, may substantially impact business efficiency and costs.

We have substantial experience engineering practical contracting solutions based on predictable standards to minimize the risks associated with international transactions.

Global trade issues and risk management are an important part of the services we provide in broad-ranging applications, many of which are related to agreements for the sale of goods and the provision of services.

Our goal is to provide practical solutions that maximize contractual certainty.