Latin America - Litigation


Companies with operations in Latin America may be subject to government-sponsored environmental, tax, and labor-related litigation, which typically involves protracted proceedings that may result in significant fines and damage awards. As a result of differences in legal and business culture, judicial procedure, evidentiary rules, discovery, and the role of prosecutors, judges, and foreign counsel, compounded by language barriers, companies facing litigation in Latin America are often limited in their ability to participate meaningfully in their own defense and effectively influence the outcome of the litigation in which they are involved.

Our many years of experience in, and understanding of, the different Latin American legal systems and business and legal culture, in addition to our knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish technical and legal language, allow us to provide unique assistance to our clients and their technical experts in overcoming the foregoing challenges and in gaining an unparalleled level of understanding of, and control over, their complex high-stakes litigation in Latin America.

We draw upon our expertise to develop and implement comprehensive, innovative, and highly coordinated cost-effective cross-border litigation strategies aimed at (i) mitigating risks, (ii) minimizing liability and exposure, and (iii) maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes for our clients involved in high-dollar disputes in Latin America.